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We believe there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to acne.

The F.ACNE interactive program aims to empower women with the knowledge and tools to find their own acne why through an online #cystahood of likeminded individuals and health professionals.


Women who want to find the ROOT cause of their acne and receive information from QUALIFIED health professionals, rather than the latest fad.

Women who want to save time and money! We provide a non-biased approach to acne - we won't sell you miracle creams or claim to cure your acne. F.ACNE offers honest, factual insight into different acne treatments and management strategies.

Women who want to be supported and feel confident in their own skin (everyone in the #cystahood has had acne or skin issues at some point in their life so we know what you're going through and we're here to help!)

Women who need guidance with their nutrition & lifestyle habits (our team of health professionals will point you in the right direction with fact sheets, questionnaires & PLENTY of nutrition, stress & hormone support)

Women who want to improve their glow & energy levels! That's right cysta! This program isn't just for acne sufferers! Following the F.ACNE nutrition & lifestyle protocol is also a great way to improve your overall health & well-being.


Megan McRae

Paramedical Skin Specialist

Marika Day


Rachael Lee


Kobie Allison


Arna Taylor


Program Highlights

Nutritional Advice

★ 30+ #acnefriendly recipes

★ Diet Plan & Substitution List

★ Acne friendly food list

★ Gut health chart

★ Interview with Dietitian

Expert Advice from Health Professionals

★ Information & advice in the program is reviewed & written by health professionals 

Weekly Q&As with health professionals.



Hormones 101

★ Hormones & Acne – how do they relate?

★ How to track your cycle & symptoms

★ Hormone Questionnaire

★ Interview with Naturopath



Progress Tracker & Fact Sheets

★ Track progress and stay accountable with our symptom & diet tracker

★ Learn key facts & stats about acne



Learn to Manage Stress

★ Stress & Cortisol fact sheet

 Am I stressed Questionnaire

★ Actionable tips & strategies to reduce stress

★ Acupuncture fact sheet

 Interview with Psychologist



Exclusive LIFETIME

Access to the #cystahood

★ Unlimited access to our private Facebook group 

★ Interact with other cystas

★ Receive regular recipes and health tips.




Exclusive Deals

Nicola's Recipes
& Acne Tips

Q&As with Health Professionals

★ Receive exclusive discount codes to our #facneapproved affiliates.



Receive a digital download with Nicola’s favourite recipes and skin/make-up tips. 

 FAQs answered by health professionals

★ Stay informed and know what to expect when you visit a health professional.




F.ACNE was founded by Australian health and lifestyle blogger, Nicola Inger Scruby after more than a decade of frustrating on-and-off adult acne.

Following thousands of dollars spent on products and treatments promising a "cure", Nicola realised there was no "cure" for her acne. Her acne would disappear during the months she managed her stress and focussed on nutrition, but would come back in full force every few months (in response to various lifestyle factors). 

After sharing her journey with followers on her social platforms, Nicola realised she wasn't alone. She started to connect with likeminded women who were going through the same frustrating journey. 

Finally, with the help and knowledge of health professionals and other women, Nicola was able to find her acne why  and create her own long-term management strategy based upon knowledge of her own dietary and stress triggers.

Enter F.ACNE - a platform created to provide a non-biased, informative platform for female acne sufferers. The purpose of the program is to help women find their acne why through education, online access to health professionals and a #cystahood of likeminded women on the same journey.

Q: Can you guarantee results?


A: While we cannot guarantee specific results, we can save you time and money by recommending the best course of action for your individual needs. The F.ACNE course is designed to inform and educate so you can identify your acne why. Understanding the root cause of your acne will enable you to make more informed decisions about treatments & strategies. 

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Of course cysta! We love payment plans. 

Q: How does the program work?

A: In the F.ACNE program, each Module has worksheets, video(s), questionnaires and fact sheets to help you understand your acne and treat the root cause of your skin condition. Every week you will be directed to our private Facebook Group where you can ask our health professionals questions about your own individual case of acne.

Q: Can I complete the course in my own time?

A: Yes! You can access the program and complete each module at your own pace - anywhere, anytime! As soon as you purchase the program, you will be granted full access to each module and all of the content. 

Q: I take prescription drugs for my skin condition, can I still use this program?

A: Of course! This will help you learn about the pros and cons of prescriptive medications and how to manage your acne holistically long-term should you choose to go down this path. Module 4 discussed different conventional treatments and also includes an interview with a General Practitioner to help you understand what to expect when you visit the doctor with acne.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Due to the nature of the program, we only offer refunds within 24 hours of purchasing the program.



Just wanted to send through a couple pics of my skin! I can honestly say my skin has not been this clear for about 2-3 years now. Since I’ve been struggling with acne for about 5-6 years now this is honestly such a huge change and I’m feeling so much better in my skin!


I believe the best influence F.ACNE played in my skin was the Acne Reset (food) and managing stress...I immediately realised how less tense I became and have now made these changes into habit!


Lifetime Access for $112AUD (Usually $180AUD)

Click your preferred payment option BELOW!

5 weeks from now you'll be so happy you joined the #cystahood. 

Once you know how to F.ACNE, you'll be equipped with the skills and

knowledge to understand your skin and manage it long-term. 

We can't promise a cure - but we CAN promise support from our growing 
#cystahood of women who, like you, are ready to F*** acne! 

Ready to be a cysta ?


I love that the F.ACNE program has a structured approach so you don't get too overwhelmed. You can start the program anytime & do as many "resets" as you like. I also love the Facebook group SO much - everyone is so supportive. I have learned so much about my skin!


My 'acne why' was definitely stress related! I actually think a lot of my stress was caused from overthinking my acne. Managing my hormones has also been a big factor and i'm so glad I now have everything under control

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