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The Gut-Skin-Mind Program is a 30 day ONLINE program for women who want to improve their gut heath, skin health and mindset.

Created by both conventional and alternative health professionals, this program provides evidence-based resources that will help you to feel empowered with knowledge at every stage of your health journey. 

Whether you're wanting to get to the bottom of debilitating gut health symptoms (or simply improve your gut health), manage recurrent skin conditions or poor mental health/mindset; this program is for you! 


As a student, you'll receive weekly lessons, mp3 recordings with health professionals, questionnaires & daily activities via our online platform. In our private online community you'll also meet an inspiring group of women who will support you throughout every stage of your health journey.

For years I suffered with debilitating gut health symptoms, acne and depression. Despite what health professionals would say, I always believed that these symptoms were just part of me and would never go away.

Every morning I would battle with my mind to get out of bed and face the world with a full face of acne. Arriving at work I'd feel stressed, self-conscious and anxious and constantly run to the toilet between tasks to relieve myself of intense stomach cramps (while picking my skin in the mirror).


I was diagnosed with IBS-D by my doctor and was instructed to trial a low Fodmap diet. I was also put on antibiotics for my skin. I had no idea how to follow the diet and it seemed confusing so I gave up half way through the process. Instead I decided to just restrict all foods that I thought were contributing to my symptoms. I cut out dairy, gluten, refined sugar, grains, onion, garlic....A LOT OF FOOD. However, I still experienced the same symptoms...

Fastrack three years and I eat ALL food and can honestly say I experience NONE of the above symptoms. Yes I get the occasional breakout and bout of diarrhoea when I am stressed but as soon as I experience these symptoms I can pinpoint the trigger and manage it accordingly with the knowledge I have gained. 

I created this program because I was exactly where you are now, spending thousands of dollars on supplements, quick-fix diets, skincare, doctors appointments and expensive food. The real change occurred when I educated myself and realised the connection between my gut health, skin health and mental health.


This connection is called the Gut-Skin-Mind Axis and it has been around for centuries. Scientifically, there is a link between everything that you are experiencing. There is also a way you can manage these symptoms so they stop consuming your life. 

I can't wait to share this program with you and change the way you think about your gut, skin and most importantly, the power of your mind. 

Identify your triggers

Preserve your microbiome

Take control of your thoughts

★   Dietitian lead 30 day gut health protocol

★ Recipes, Substitution lists & support

★ Fact sheets & questionnaires

★ Long-term gut health - what you need to know! 

★   Conventional vs natural skincare - what's best?

★ The Estrobiome, hormones, skin & gut health - what's the link?

★ Naturopathic approach to gut health & hormones

★ Change your mindset with our daily "AM Pages"

★ Learn how to set realistic goals & improve performance

★ Receive tips from Psychologist Kobie Allison and learn evidence-based strategies to feel your best


Women who are fed up with debilitating gut health symptoms, poor mental health and/or recurring skin concerns 


Women who want to save time and money! We provide a NO BS, evidence-based approach to gut health, mental health & skin  - we won't sell you miracle pills or a cure. Our program offers a sustainable, honest and factual approach with qualified health professionals who have extensive experience in these fields. 


Women who want to be supported and feel confident in their own skin once enrolled you will have unlimited access to our private facebook community or #cystahood of likeminded women where you can expect support, love and success stories.


Women who need guidance with their nutrition & lifestyle habits - our team of health professionals will point you in the right direction with fact sheets, daily worksheets, recipes, meal plans & relatable podcasts.


Women who want to improve their glow & energy levels! Following the Gut-Skin-Mind nutrition & lifestyle protocol is also a great way to improve your overall health & well-being.


Claudia Cramer


Rachael Lee


Kobie Allison


Natalie Sellars

Skin Specialist

Program Highlights

★  20+ gut friendly recipes 

★ Dietitan prescribed diet plan 

★ Reintroductory food plan

★ Gut health Fact Sheets

★  How the gut & mind

      influences your skin

★ Conventional vs Natural


★ Podcast with Skin Specialist Natalie Sellars

★ FACNE approved skincare&

      make-up list

★ The Estrobiome - what you need to know

★ The Naturopathic approach to gut health


★  Am I stressed questionnaire

★ Morning mindset worksheets & exercises

★ Manifestation 101

★ Setting goals 101

★ Actionable tips & strategies to reduce stress

★ Podcast with Psychologist Kobie Allison

★ Meditation with Hypnotherapist Dan Stribling

Unlimited access to our

     private Facebook Group

★ Q&As with Health            Professionals

★ Interact with other cystas &

     feel supported

★ Stay motivated with success



Intro to the Program

Intro to the program with Nicola 

How to navigate the teachable platform

Welcome to the #cystahood private community 

Module 1

Refine and Reflect

10 Days


Get to know Dietitian Claudia Cramer

The Gut-Mind Connection

Intro to the Gut-Mind protocol

10 day refinement meal plan

Substitution List 

Food & Feeling Diary




The Skin-Gut Connection explained

Key Nutrients for skin + #FACNEAPPROVED supplements for skin



Intro to Psychologist Kobie Allison

The stress-gut connection explained

Am I stressed questionnaire

Intro to AM pages

Interview with Psychologist Kobie Allison


Module 2

Nourish and Nurture

10 Days


Guidelines for reintroducing foods

Example re-introductory meal plan 

Facebook Live with Claudia Cramer 


Conventional vs “Natural” skincare

Ingredients to use and ingredients to avoid

Naturopathic Approach to Gut Health with Naturopath Racheal Lee

Interview with Naturopath Racheal Lee (the estrobiome, hormones & gut health)



Practical de-stress tips to implement now

Meditation & Manifestation 

Goal setting 101

Recommended podcasts & resources

Module 3

Maintain and Manifest

10 Days


Tips for long-term optimal gut health 

Gut healthy plate

Prebiotics vs probiotics 

When to seek further help 



Skincare routine for sensitive & acne-prone skin

Self love skin ritual with Eunoia Soul Rituals 




Moving forward



F.ACNE was founded by Australian health and lifestyle blogger, Nicola Inger Scruby after more than a decade of frustrating on-and-off adult acne.

Following thousands of dollars spent on products and treatments promising a "cure", Nicola realised there was no "cure" for her acne. Her acne would disappear during the months she managed her stress and focussed on nutrition, but would come back in full force every few months (in response to various lifestyle factors). 

After sharing her journey with followers on her social platforms, Nicola realised she wasn't alone. She started to connect with likeminded women who were going through the same frustrating journey. 

Finally, with the help and knowledge of health professionals and other women, Nicola was able to find her acne why  and create her own long-term management strategy based upon knowledge of her own dietary and stress triggers.

Enter F.ACNE - a platform created to provide a non-biased, informative platform for female acne sufferers. The purpose of the program is to help women find their acne why through education, online access to health professionals and a #cystahood of likeminded women on the same journey.

Q: Can you guarantee results?


A: While we cannot guarantee specific results, we can save you time and money by recommending the best course of action for your individual symptoms. The Gut-Skin-Mind program is designed to inform and educate so you can identify your individual triggers. Understanding the root cause of your symptoms will enable you to make more informed decisions about treatments & strategies. 

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Of course cysta! We love payment plans. 

Q: How does the program work?

A: In the Gut-Skin-Mind program, each Module has worksheets, audio interviews with health professionals and fact sheets dedicated to improving your mindset & managing stress, understanding gut health and your own individual triggers,  and learning how to care for your skin from the inside out. The purpose of this program is to help you understand your symptoms so you can learn to sustainably manage your health LONG-TERM (rather than resorting to quick fix alternatives). 

Q: Can I access the course from anywhere in the world and complete it in my own time?

A: Yes! As this is a virtual course, you can access the program and complete each module at your own pace - anywhere, anytime! Once we provide access to the content you will have unlimited access, meaning you can access it forever! If you want to pause, go back and re-read a module or start again you will be able to do so in your own time. 

Q: Is the "Gut Protocol" suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

A: Of course! We provide various options to suit vegan and vegetarian dietary requirements. 

Q: I don't suffer from gut health issues but I want to improve my skin and mindset. Will this program still help?

A: Yes! Our Gut-Skin-Mind program is developed to target factors influencing both your skin and mental health! You never know, you may even realise certain factors are linked to your gut health. Each component surrounding gut health, stress & skincare is universally beneficial and will provide some amazing, invaluable strategies which will help you manage your health long-term. 

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Due to the nature of the program, we only offer refunds within 24 hours of purchasing the program.



Ready to Start

If you're ready to take control of your gut health, skin and mind - you've landed in the right place. Our health professionals and supportive community is here to support you at EVERY stage of your health journey.




Lifetime Access for $112AUD

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