Tracking your cycle – Why it’s so important for acne sufferers

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

I recently put up an instastory on @the__unrefined instagram account chatting about all things PMS & menstruation. I was overwhelmed with the response from women who either had no idea about their cycle (and that there were different phases) or women wanting to know how to track their cycle. I decided to make this topic the first official blog post for F.ACNE because the content in this post has helped me SO much with managing my acne symptoms over the past few years.

I have been tracking my cycle for FOUR years (ever since going off the pill) and currently use an app called “CLUE APP”. Whenever I tell people about tracking my cycle (and recording my temperature) people automatically jump to the conclusion that I’m “trying” for a child (sorry peeps, still a few years until this will be the case).

Believe it or not, cycle tracking isn’t just for women wanting to fall pregnant! Tracking your cycle is an amazing way to determine your ovulatory window for contraceptive purposes. Please chat with a health professional about alternative contraceptive measures however, I use condoms and tracking to ensure I am practicing safe sex at ALL TIMES. Please note* if your cycle is irregular, you will need to be extra cautious because it is harder to determine your ovulatory/fertile window.

There are TWO main reasons (other than contraceptive measures) that I track my cycle:

1) It provides peace of mind.

Sounds odd but whenever I receive feedback from women a couple of months into tracking their cycle, they completely relate to this statement. As someone who suffers with PMS symptoms, anxiety and cystic acne, finding a cyclical link between my symptoms and my hormones provides the BEST peace of mind (that I’m not crazy and the massive cyst that has erupted on my chin is because I am five days away from getting my period). I also think it is interesting to note that when I was experiencing a lot of acne (around 5 months ago), I was in fact breaking out in cysts right in the middle of my cycle. This data was useful when working with health professionals to pinpoint a hormonal imbalance… which brings me to my next point!

2) Cycle data is very useful for health professionals.

If you’re having consistent symptoms (e.g. spotting, cystic acne, hairy chin, depressive moods) in the middle of your cycle or at the very end, this could indicate an imbalance in a certain hormone. These symptoms in line with investigation (blood hormone tests and/or pelvic exam) is a great way for health professionals to diagnose and offer the appropriate treatment plan. Whether you’re wanting to treat your acne holistically or via conventional medicine, this data is VERY useful.

I witness a lot of women (particularly acne sufferers) taking every supplement under the sun and I do believe this can sometimes have an adverse reaction in some cases. One of the reasons I created the F.ACNE platform & program was because I felt there was a lot of WISH-WASHY information about natural supplements and how people could treat their acne holistically. I made the mistake of googling, purchasing a range of natural supplements and taking too many – which actually lead to FURTHER imbalance (and a lot of wasted money). Every woman has their own individual hormonal constitution. Your hormones also change throughout all times of the day and month. This is why understanding your own constitution before going down the supplement path is so important. Hormone testing (blood) and tracking your symptoms to determine if your acne is cyclical and hormone related is a great way to ascertain what is going on in your body.

Knowledge is power and the more we become in touch with our body (and the many signs it is throwing our way), the more we can get to the bottom of any type of inflammation or imbalance.

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