Benefits of the "Acne Reset" & How Food Anxiety Influences Acne

Whether you're part of the F.ACNE #cystahood or an intrigued follower, if you're reading this you may have heard the term "acne reset" thrown around our website, instagram & facebook. This post will describe what it is (and what it isn't) and why we encourage #cystas in our community to get involved.

What the F is the "Acne Reset"?

Developed by Dietitian, Marika Day, the Acne Reset is an acne-friendly diet based upon scientific evidence. Certain studies show a correlation between the different types of food we eat and their ability to promote inflammation in the body. Acne is an inflammatory condition, however, this inflammation is not always skin deep. The painful cysts and pimples on our face & body can be a reflection of something happening internally.

Before we go any further - It is important to note that food is not the CAUSE of acne, typically food may worsen already present acne or produce break-outs in an already acne-prone individual. Diet is a contributor to acne but it isn't always consistent across individuals in improving skin. For example, some #cystas in our program have seen immense benefits just by eating a healthy, acne-friendly diet; while others have not seen the same improvement. Some women have found that their inflammation has stemmed from stress and hormones, while others have found their acne is directly linked to their gut health.

The acne reset is more than just a "diet" - it provides important information to acne sufferers about the certain foods which may worsen or trigger their individual case of acne. It also outlines the connection between food, hormones, inflammation, gut health and nutrient deficiencies.

What do I get?

Weekly/Daily reminders

Top Acne Friendly Foods

Supplementation advice

Substitution List

7 Day Meal Plan

30+ #acnefriendly recipes

Food anxiety & why we don't condone it on the reset

Food anxiety is becoming more and more common amongst acne sufferers. Social media, online articles and websites are swarming with misleading information & websites trying to sell an "acne cure". Foods are continuously being demonised and although, as mentioned above, they can have SOME influence in break-outs, these foods are ultimately fine in moderation and are not the sole CAUSE of acne.

What a lot of acne-sufferers don't realise is how much food stress/anxiety (or any type of stress) can influence the skin. The link between chronic skin conditions and mental health disorders has long been recognised. Studies suggest that emotional states may also influence gut health by altering the normal intestinal microflora and contributing to systemic inflammation. A study of 13,000 adolescents showed that those with acne were more likely to experience gastrointestinal symptoms such as constipation, halitosis and gastric reflux. Abdominal bloating was 37% more likely to be associated with acne and other seborrheic diseases.


When we are in a constant state of fight or flight (increased heart rate, tense muscles, shallow breath) our body is essentially priming itself to run from a tiger. The modern day tiger takes many forms... it's that email you forgot to respond to, the toxic relationship you can't let go of; the office job you just don't quite enjoy and the fact you keep mindlessly comparing yourself to some instafamous unrealistic lifestyle (we've all done it)....

So how does this influence our gut and skin? Unlike the old-school tiger chase (which eventually comes to an end), modern day stress is constant (emails, texts, relationships & life lessons will be around forever). This constant state of stress, even at a seemingly low level, impacts our digestion. When you're stressed, your digestive system receives very little blood flow and motility is slowed. You also experience a down-regulation in digestive enzymes. As mentioned above, emotional states can alter the balance of normal microflora in your gut. These alterations of the microbiome can loosen tight junctions within the intestinal wall leading to intestinal permeability or a "leaky gut". When the gut becomes leaky; compounds which previously couldn’t enter the gut wall and blood stream are allowed entry. This subsequently sets off an inflammatory response both systemically, but also via the skin (HELLO ACNE!).

So.... next time you start stressing over that piece of chocolate or the fact that you've had a glass of milk and you're on the acne reset - PLEASE DO NOT STRESS. We want this reset to be enjoyable & REALISTIC. It is realistic to crave what you can't have & some days you'll want to eat whatever the F&%K you want and that is perfectly fine. If you adopt only one good habit throughout the 4 weeks, we will be happy :D. Remember, the F.ACNE program is predominately about education, empowerment & support. Consuming a healthy diet can benefit your mind, skin & body in more ways than you think, however, we believe a healthy diet also consists of indulgence & moderation.

We can't wait to start the Acne Reset with all of our Cystas in the January program! If you haven't already registered, head to & sign up to become part of the #cystahood!




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