Yadeliz is a #cystastory we simply HAD to share. After joining the F.ACNE program in October and implementing a few dietary changes and stress management strategies, Yadeliz was able to find her "acne why" and manage the appearance of her acne. This is Yadeliz's #CYSTASTORY

Before & After 5 weeks



Acne Why: Cutting out dairy, limiting refined foods & Managing Stress Levels

Nutrition: No dairy and less refined foods + adding flaxmeal to daily smoothies

Stress Management: Massages, walking (in work hours to break up the day) & meditation

Hormones: High Testosterone

Skincare: Tribe Skincare & Avarelle Pimple Patches

Supplements: Zilch Acne

Some wise words from Yadeliz:

"I believe the best influence F.ACNE played in my skin was the Acne Reset (food) and managing stress. I was already trying to be vegan when I started the program but couldn’t drop dairy and would just buy vegan pizzas, burritos, and practically anything else already made which were most likely not the best for me.

The Acne Reset helped me learn more about food and pay more attention to exactly what was in my food and how my food helped my body. One week after cutting out dairy my 5-7 new pimples a week turned to 2!"

Since I work in payroll my job leaves me tied to my desk for 8 straight hours ensuring everything is right. During these 5 weeks I’ve gotten a 30 min massage every week, left my desk for lunch for a walk outside, and started meditation. I immediately realised how less tense I became and have now made these changes into habit!

During the hormone module, I went to my OBGYN to get a hormone test done (both blood and saliva) to find that I have high testosterone levels. My OBGYN prescribed Spironolactone but the first day I took it I had horrible gut pain and didn’t take it again. Since then I’ve been learning how to lower testosterone holistically and have been adding ground flax seed to my green smoothie 3x a week.

In regards to skincare I use Tribe Skincare, Zilch Acne, and Avarelle pimple patches. I’ve used Tribe Skincare for two months which is super gentle and calms my redness. I’ve used Avarelle for about the same time as Tribe and simply place a pimple patch on a new pimple at night, peel it off, and it’s flat and on its way to healing by morning. I used Zilch the month before F.Acne and during the first two weeks of the program and saw some great results!"




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