Save time & money by understanding your treatment options & potential triggers

★ Lifetime access to the private #Cystahood Facebook Group

★ Reset your eating habits to help manage your acne with meal plans, shopping lists    ★ More than 30 #acnefriendly recipes all developed by our F.ACNE resident Dietitian

★ Understand hormones, hormonal imbalance & how it affects your skin

★ Manage stress & anxiety with our Psychologist & Acupuncturist Sessions

★ Find acne friendly skincare & treatments

★ Learn about different types of acne medication & their side effects

★ Know what to expect from health professionals (alternative & conventional)

★ Be supported, gain confidence & feel empowered with  your F.ACNE #cystas


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Program Highlights

Nutritional Advice

★ 30+ #acnefriendly recipes

★ Diet Plan & Substitution List

★ Acne friendly food list

★ Gut health chart

★ Interview with Dietitian

Hormones 101

★ Hormones & Acne – how do they relate?

★ How to track your cycle & symptoms

★ Hormone Questionnaire

★ Interview with Naturopath



Learn to Manage Stress

★ Stress & Cortisol fact sheet

 Am I stressed Questionnaire

★ Actionable tips & strategies to reduce stress

★ Acupuncture fact sheet

 Interview with Psychologist



Expert Advice from Health Professionals

Progress Tracker & Fact Sheets

Exclusive LIFETIME

Access to the #cystahood

★ Unlimited access to our private Facebook group 

★ Interact with other cystas

★ Receive regular recipes and health tips.



★ Track progress and stay accountable with our symptom & diet tracker

★ Learn key facts & stats about acne



★ Information & advice in the program is reviewed & written by health professionals 

Weekly Q&As with health professionals 




Exclusive Deals

Nicola's Recipes
& Acne Tips

Q&As with Health Professionals

 Frequently asked questions answered by experts!

★ Stay informed and know what to expect when you visit a health professional.



Receive a digital download with Nicola’s favourite recipes and skin/make-up tips. 

★ Receive exclusive discount codes to our #facneapproved affiliates.



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* PLEASE NOTE this is our final intake and there are limited spots available.



5 weeks from now you'll be so happy you joined the #cystahood. 

Once you know how to F.ACNE, you'll be equipped with the skills and

knowledge to understand your skin and manage it long-term. 

We can't promise a cure - but we CAN promise support from our growing 
#cystahood of women who, like you, are ready to F Acne! 

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